They only get one start in life...make it count

Colostrum is the 'first milk' produced by the cow or ewe. This milk contains essential antibodies that protect the calf or lamb against disease. It is crucial that the calf or lamb receives these antibodies as their immune systems are not fully developed when born. Calf and lamb morbidity is linked to poor quality colostrum.

Sometimes the first milk is not available from the mother, it might be of poor quality or the calf or lamb might not suckle. To maximise the impact of the antibodies in the colostrum it needs to be fed as soon as possible after birth as the absorption level decreases over time. Using a good quality replacer or supplement can reduce the probability of morbidity and mortality.

The Immucol range is guaranteed EBL, IBR and Johne's free and is 100% natural colostrum.

Immucol Calf Colostrum

Immucol Calf Colostrum A natural bovine 'top-up' colostrum – for use as addition to poor quality maternal colostrum.

Immucol Calf Colostrum has a high fat content (20%) and provides essential nutrients.

Available in milk bottle style packaging for easy mixing.

200g makes up to 2 litres.

Immucol Platinum Calf Colostrum

Immucol Platinum Calf Colostrum A complete replacement for maternal colostrum; for use when maternal colostrum is not available.

Immucol Platinum Calf Colostrum is complete calf colostrum containing exceptionally high levels of natural bovine colostrum and other essential nutrients.

700g makes up to 2 litres.

Immucol Lamb Colostrum

Immucol Lamb Colostrum 1kg Immucol Lamb Colostrum 500g A natural 'top-up' or replacement colostrum for use when maternal colostrum is not available or if the lamb needs an additional boost.

Immucol Lamb Colostrum has a high fat content, 20%, and high protein content, 32%.

500g makes up to 20 feeds.
1kg makes up to 40 feeds.

Vetsonic has been delivering premium product to the veterinary and farming industries for 25 years. Our passion for livestock production has led to the development of high quality colostrum products to give your animals a healthy start in life.


For more information on the Immucol range, please contact Vetsonic on 01653 695333, or speak to your sales representative.